Monday, October 5, 2009

Trav finishes first MARATHON!!

What an amazing job! We are so proud him. 26.2 miles....that is a long, long run. He made his goal of under four hours with a time of 3:53:33. Not too shabby! If you have never been around a marathon, then you really can't imagine what an intense and emotional event this is. I had no idea. I remember after running my half marathon thinking I could not possibly run further. It gave me a better appreciation for what that might be like, but still cannot grasp going the full distance. We were early to try and see him at mile 23 and had some time to watch and cheer other runners on. Just watching is even so emotional. I was glad I had my sunglasses on! It was so cool when he came by..the kids got a high five and were all holding up their cute signs.
Great job to our brother-in-law Blake too! He did so awesome! Trav called him the night of the deadline and talked him into trying to lotto out. He curses Trav for roping him in, but I know deep down he is glad. He did so well. GOOD JOB BLAKE!
So much time and training went into this day! We are just so happy he made it and it is over...until he finds something new to do, which if you know Trav, won't be long.
(Blake, you may want to start screening Trav's calls)


jcwoods said...

WOW!!! Good for Travis...tell him congrats for us.

Karen and Scott said...

Congratulations to Travis. That is so amazing to me - and such a good time for his 1st one. Scott's cousins daughter-in-law ran it & broke her own record - this is her 10th one.

Good job - we are proud of you.

Aunt Karen

The Skiby Family said...

Just amazing! Congratulations Travis.

Shannon said...

Wow! What an accomplishment! Congrats! Thanks so much for your help at the shot clinic, couldn't have done it without you! So glad I came across your blog!